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Your Kitten's Six-month Health Check

At six months, it is advisable to make an appointment for your kitten to have a thorough health check. Your vet will want to make sure your kitten is on track with her development and growth.

What to expect

At your kitten's six-month appointment, you can expect your vet to perform the following health checks:

1. Your kitten will be weighed to make sure she is growing at the correct rate. You will be advised if any changes to her feeding are required, such as switching to a high-quality kitten food.

2. During the check, your vet will look carefully at your kitten's eyes, ears, paws and teeth. By this age, your kitten's adult teeth should be coming through. Her baby teeth will usually fall out naturally to make room, but if this is not the case, your vet will make a recommendation on what needs to be done.

3. Your vet will also ask which deworming and flea control regimen you have in place, and will recommend any treatments that he/she feels might be necessary.

Make sure your pet gets a regular checkup every six months or as recommended by your veterinarian.

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