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How Cats Hide Their Pain and Discomfort

How Cats Hide Discomfort

“Whether or not cats hide their pain all depends on the problem,” says Susan O’Bell, DVM at the Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Mass. One common problem that brings cats to the veterinarian or emergency room is signs of a lower urinary tract infection that have gone undiagnosed.

“Cats with this affliction can be impacted in a variety of ways, from mild discomfort to a Life-threatening, inability to pass urine,” Dr. O’Bell says, “This manifests from a few unnoticed extra trips to the litter box, some mild malaise for a day or two or the ever-frustrating urination occurring outside of the litter box.”

More obvious signs of a urinary tract infection include licking at the genital area, vomiting or extreme lethargy. It is possible, however, to see no outward signs of pain or illness in cats until they’ve begun losing weight or have a decreased appetite — something that’s difficult to monitor if you have multiple cats or if your cat doesn’t eat voraciously when healthy.

For the complete article on issues that affect cats, visit petMD.

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