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How Drinking Water Could Save Your Cat’s Bladder

How Drinking Water Could Save Your Cat’s Bladder

As remarkable as it may seem, the domestic cats that currently share our homes and fill our hearts evolved from a desert-dwelling species. Though there are many differences between those original ancestors and the cats we currently keep as our beloved pets, one thing that has not changed is the ability of our domestic cats to produce strongly concentrated urine and, for many cats, a low thirst drive.

Why Does Water Consumption Matter?

A cat's ability to concentrate urine enables her to survive on small quantities of water; however, this is not an ideal situation. All cats need sufficient quantities of water to survive.

Cats that consume little water can easily become dehydrated, leading to a variety of issues. Cats that do not stay hydrated may suffer from urinary diseases, including kidney disease and lower urinary tract disease, which can be present in many forms. Inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) is common. Bladder stones are possible and can lead to life-threatening urethral blockages, particularly in male cats. Contrary to popular belief, urinary tract infection is actually not very typical in cats less than 10 years of age. However, younger cats can suffer from various other urinary tract diseases.

How Can I Encourage My Cat to Drink More Water?

There are several ways to encourage your cat to drink more wáter. Here are some suggestions…

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