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An expert approach to precisely balanced cat nutrition

When you feed the right Hill's® cat food for your cat's lifestage, you know you are providing the precise balance of 50 nutrients essential to your cat's health and vitality. Our approach is simple and results from decades of continuous innovative research by veterinarians and pet nutritionists.

Clinically Proven Too much or too little: can result in negative long-term effects on your cat's organs.

Essential Fatty Acids:
Our combination of Omega 3+6 fatty acids helps to absorb, store and transport vitamins, supply energy, add moisture to skin and coat and makes healthy cat food taste great.

Proteins and Carbohydrates:
Our protein levels are precisely balanced to support lean muscles, skin, organs, hair and nails, but still be gentle on the kidneys. Plus, our food has carbohydrates to provide energy.

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