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Adult Cats 1 - 6 years

Adult Cat Care - Living With Cats
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Living With Cats

9 Ways You Can Be the BEST New Pet Parent on the Block

How to Prepare for Your Newly Adopted Pet

10 Signs Your Cat Might be Stressed

Use these ten signs to be able to tell if your cat is stressed as it could be a symptom of a larger health concern.

How Drinking Water Could Save Your Cat’s Bladder

Help protect your cat from bladder issues understanding how drinking water can prevent urinary diseases.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Active This Winter

Ensure your cat stays active and healthy this winter by following these easy-to-adopt practices.

Understanding Your Cat's Meow

Does it sometimes seem as though your cat is trying to tell you something? You may be right! Cats often meow in a genuine effort to communicate their feelings. Here are some common interpretations.

Creating a Cat-Safe Household

Cleaning chemicals and plastic bags are just two potential dangers for your cats within your home. Closely examine every room to eliminate health risks and keep your cats safe. We have a checklist to help you, too.

Managing Allergies to Cats

Cat allergies are nothing to sneeze at. Some people experience reactions that leave them miserable. The good news is it's possible for cats and people with allergies to live together. Here's how.

8 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Cats and Dogs for a Natural Disaster

These 8 simple, yet important steps will help you in the event of an emergency or if you need to evacuate your home with your cat or dog.

Planning a safe holiday for your cat

Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your pets healthy, happy and safe during the holidays.

Have a safe Halloween with your cat

For pets and their families, Halloween should be a time for caution.

Winter tips for your cat

With temperatures dipping, your cat will need a little special attention to stay warm, happy, healthy and safe in winter.

Helping your cat cope with loud thunder and fireworks

It's not uncommon for a cat to be afraid of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks.

Playing with your cat

Playing with your cats is an important part of maintaining their health and your bond with them.

Meeting your cat's needs in winter

Changing weather means changing needs for your cat, especially during the winter.

Meeting your cat's needs in summer

Warmer weather can present particular challenges to your cat.