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Kitten Care - Kitten Behavior and Training
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Kitten Behavior & Training

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Cats are natural scratchers. Rather than declawing your precious pets, provide the right start to healthy scratching habits. Your cats will take advantage of your help and you'll be well positioned to avoid frustration.

Training: Positive Reinforcements for Your Kitten

A very important rule is "Never take good behaviors for granted."

Kitten behaviors

Understand your kitten's body language and behaviors will help you learn what she's trying to tell you.

Scratching and spraying

Scratching and spraying may not be the most desirable thing your kitten can do, but they're a natural part of being a cat. What you can do as the owner of a new kitten is to understand that your kitten is not misbehaving.

Litter box training

Cats are naturally very clean and chances are your kitten will already have learned how to use the litter box from her mother before she comes to live with you.

Scratch Post Training for Your Cat

Kittens love to scratch, both for exercise and to mark territory, but you can protect your home by teaching her to use a scratching post instead of your furniture.

Obedience Training Your Cat

Kittens don't understand punishment, so you must encourage good behavior with rewards.

Command training

Take advantage of your kitten's curiosity and intelligence by teaching her a few simple commands.

Other Training Methods for Your Cat

Clicker training can help you progress from giving food rewards to giving praise when teaching commands to your kitten.