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Adult Cats 1 - 6 years

Adult Cat Care - Nutrition and Feeding
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Nutrition and Feeding

5 Reasons Your Cat is Extremely Hungry

Understanding your cat's extreme hunger can be very important as it might be a sign of a larger health issue.

Dry vs. Canned Cat Food: Which is the Best for Your Cat?

Explore the differences between dry and canned cat food to discover which one is best for your cat.

Why Fat is Good for Your Cat

Learn about the importance of fat in your cat's diet, and how it is actually a necessary component in keeping them healthy.

How to Keep Your Cat's Meals in Check

Portion control and counting calories are as important for cats as they are for humans. Learn more about what NOT to do when keeping track of your cat's nutrition.

5 Dangerous Foods for Cats

Cats love to explore. Sometimes this means that they get into things that they shouldn't. Learn about household items that are toxic to cats.

How to Find the Best Cat Food at the Right Price

While cat food can get expensive, you may not be addressing your kitty's nutritional needs with a lower quality food.

The Right Nutrition for Indoor Cats

You provide the kind of care only special house cats deserve. And now you can give them veterinarian recommended food that's special too. Science Diet® Indoor Cat food is precisely balanced to nourish the good life indoor cats enjoy.

Treating Your Cat Purr-fectly

Tasty and delicious cat treats are a great way to connect with your cat and display your care and love for them. They can also be used as rewards for good behavior and as part of training.

What is a Grain Free Cat Food?

Grain free cat food seems to be a topic everyone’s talking about lately, but if you aren’t exactly sure what it means, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Feeding Multiple Cats

Multiple cats bring a lot of joy to a household but they can also bring some challenges when it comes to feeding. Here are some tips to consider if you have more than one cat that you are caring for.

Three Ways to Feed a Cat

There are three common ways to feed a cat. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Natural Feeding Behavior of Cats

Among all cat species, only lions hunt and eat together. In a natural setting, cats will hunt and eat 10 or more small meals per day.

Storage Tips for Your Cat & Dog Food

Where you store your cat and dog food can make a big difference in the quality and freshness once it is opened. Here are some common questions and recommendations for optimal storage for all of Hill’s dry and canned cat and dog food.

Your overweight cat: When bigger isn't better

Being overweight puts a cat at risk for developing many serious health issues.

Corn - An amazing grain

For centuries, people and their animals have relied on corn as a superb source of nutrients.

Cat Treats: Ingredients & Health Conditions

Treating your cat is a great bonding experience, but doing so in excess or with the wrong type of treats could be detrimental. Check out these cat treating tips to learn more.

Striking the Right Ingredient Balance in Your Cat’s Food

Did you know that cats need a very specific blend of amino acids for healthy bodies? Ensure that you are feeding your cat the right balanced diet.

Five Tips on Choosing a Quality Natural Cat Food

Learn what the term “natural” really means and how it equates with quality nutrition for your cat.

What "Made in the USA" Means for Cat Food

Learn how to inform yourself about where your cat food is made and what’s in it before picking up your next bag or can of cat food.

Two Human Snacks that will Prompt a Plump Kitty

Learn what different snacks mean in human terms when you feed them to your cat.

What is Grain Free Cat Food?

Grain free cat foods are currently very popular. But are they really healthier for your cat than other types of cat foods? Let’s take a closer look at that question.

How do I switch or transition cat foods?

Switching cat foods can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be. Cats should gradually transition to a new cat food. Follow these tips to help ensure success.

How to Choose a Balanced Cat Food

Balance is important in every area of our lives, but for our cats, balance is most critical when it comes to their nutrition.

What to Know About Cat Overfeeding

Obesity is a growing problem in our feline population. Learn how the proper cat food, feeding schedule and exercise regime can keep your cat at a healthy weight.

Signs it's Time to Change Your Cat's Food

It's a long-held myth that cats should be on the same cat food their entire lives. Check out our top six signs you may want to get a brand new bag of cat food.

How to Treat Your Cat in a Healthy Way

Find out how to best treat your cat without spoiling her health.

Choosing the Best Cat Food

Learn what to look for when choosing the best food for your cat.

Reading a Cat Food Label

Find out what you should look for on a food label to keep your cat feeling healthy and satisfied at every meal.

The right ingredients: Cornerstone of good cat nutrition

Nutrients can be found in a variety of sources, but the right ingredients help deliver optimal nutrition for optimal health.

Why is my cat throwing up food after eating?

Cat owners sometimes blame a new cat food when their cat immediately throws it back up after eating. The connection seems logical, but other factors could point to a different cause rooted in behavior.

Too little or too much: When cat nutrition is out of balance

Feeding a cat food that has an improper nutritional balance can either lead to or worsen a wide range of health issues.

Feeding Priorities for Pregnant or Nursing Cats

Feeding your cat properly is critical during pregnancy and nursing. Malnutrition can result in low birth weight of the kittens and put them at health risk.

Satiety - An important component of successful weight loss

Inducing satiety, the feeling of fullness or satisfaction, is a primary goal in Hill's pet foods for weight management. This article teaches pet owners about how these pet foods induce satiety and help pets lose weight.

It's time to put soy in perspective

Moms everywhere, at one time or another, advised, "Eat your veggies, they're good for you." As usual, mom was right. Vegetables contain high levels of many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more. The same holds true for soy products.

Eating in: The nutritional needs of your indoor cat

The lifestyle of an indoor cat differs greatly from that of an outdoor cat.

Precise nutrition for every lifestage

Whether your kitten's on her first year of life or a mature cat in her golden years, you play a big role in keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Antioxidants: Fueling your cat's fight against free radicals

Understanding free radicals can help you choose the right cat food and provide the best care for your cat.

Getting your cat to drink properly from a bowl

Cats can be very finicky about their water and it's nothing to take lightly.