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Picking a breed

This is very much a personal choice. Purebreds can be expensive but their future appearance and personality are easier to predict.

 If you have your heart set on a pedigree kitten, take the time to do your homework on different breeds. There are more than 70 to choose from. Try the Cat Breed Catalog: This is an excellent place to start and it’s easy to use.

Consider your family and lifestyle. It's also important to ask yourself what sort of regular care your new kitten will need. Long-haired breeds such as Persian and Himalayan will need daily grooming. Do you have the time and the patience?

Mixed-breed kittens can be hardier, though it's less easy to predict what sort of cats they will grow up to be. If you can, visit your prospective kitten a few times and try to get a good idea of her temperament. Don't rush your decision.

After you’ve found your perfect kitten, be sure to choose the right kitten food to meet your pet's special needs.

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