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Adult Cats 1 - 6 years

Adult Cat Care - Routine Care
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Routine Care

Are Pain Meds Safe for Cats?

Know the risks of giving your cat over-the-counter pain medications, and how to properly care for their pain.

How Preventative Cat Care Can Save You Money

Use these preventative cat care tips to help save you money and avoid unnecessary trips to the vet.

5 Common Skin Problems in Cats

Recognize these common skin problems that ail many cats to help keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

5 Steps to Save Your Cat’s Teeth

Keep your cat's teeth healthy and free of damage and diseases by using these five easy-to-follow steps.

Why Hairballs? What Can You Do?

Hairballs are a fact of life for many indoor cat parents. It's the downside to your pet's excellent grooming capabilities. However, the right food can make a difference in reducing the mess. Find out why.

Creating a Cat-Safe Household

Cleaning chemicals and plastic bags are just two potential dangers for your cats within your home. Closely examine every room to eliminate health risks and keep your cats safe. We have a checklist to help you, too.

How to Handle a Cat Hairball Problem

Learn why hairballs can actually be signs of a bigger problem than a stain on the rug.

Use your vet as a resource to keep your cat happy and healthy

In addition to a balanced, nutritous diet and exercise, your vet is an important resource for maintaining good health in your pet.

Your Cat's Oral Health: The Proper Nutrition

Brushing your cat's teeth is just as important as brushing your own.

Dental Care for Your Cat

There are several ways you can care for your cat's teeth every day.

Hairballs: The trouble with fur

Cats are meticulous groomers, often washing themselves several times a day.

Signs of good health

When you visit your veterinarian, be sure to bring up any questions or concerns regarding your cat's health.

Exercising with your cat

For cats, regular exercise helps prevent obesity and its associated health risks.

Four Steps to a Healthy cat

How to make sure your cat attains her ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life.

Cats and neutering

There are surgical procedures that can make your cat unable to reproduce.