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Does Your Stressed Cat Really Have a Dangerous Urinary Issue?

Does Your Stressed Cat Really Have a Dangerous Urinary Issue?

Stress affects our cats in much the same way it affects us. What's most disconcerting, however, is that when your cat is stressed or anxious, it can impact her health. Even a small change in routine can cause painful health issues like cystitis (inflammation within the bladder) in some cats. And although cats have evolved to hide signs of pain effectively, there are some symptoms that will be noticeable if you are being extra vigilant.

1. Urinating Outside the Litter Box
If your cat suddenly starts urinating outside of the litter box, there is cause for concern. There are many reasons that a cat may decide not to use the litter box, though medical issues should always be ruled out first. Cats suffering from cystitis or other lower urinary tract disease will often avoid the litter box.
Other possibilities include territorial "marking" (though it's a more common behavior in male cats) and displeasure with the litter box itself (location, cleanliness, etc.).

2. Frequent Litter Box Trips
Frequent trips to the litter box may be another sign that something is bothering your cat. Often, cats with bladder issues such as cystitis have frequent urges to urinate. They may have very little urine in the bladder but still have the feeling that they need to urinate. In these cases, you may see your cat going to litter box quite frequently but passing only small quantities of urine.

3. Bloody Urine
Bloody urine is always cause for concern and should prompt an immediate visit to your cat’s veterinarian. Blood in the urine is never a normal situation for your cat. Even when in heat, female cats do not bleed. It may be difficult to detect blood in the litter box. However, pay close attention if your cat urinates in a sink, bath tub, or other surface.

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