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Kitten Care - Your New Kitten
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Your New Kitten

Creating a Cat-Safe Household

Cleaning chemicals and plastic bags are just two potential dangers for your cats within your home. Closely examine every room to eliminate health risks and keep your cats safe. We have a checklist to help you, too.

Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

Properly introducing a new cat to your household can be a challenge, especially if you have existing pets. Caution is the key and the right approach can take weeks to pay off. Start preparing even before your cat arrives.

Your Cat's First Month at Home

After a few days in your home, your cat will likely start settling in. It's time to begin thinking about long-term care and making sure you're prepared for a long, happy life together. Start with toys, litter boxes and bedding.

Kitten proofing your home

Growing kittens love to explore, but need protection from household items that are dangerous if swallowed.


Socializing your kitten ensures she becomes a cat that relates well to people and is a friend and companion.

New Kitten Supplies List

Check out this checklist for vital cat items to have on hand before your new kitten comes home.

Getting A Kitten

There are several places to get a kitten. Learn more about finding a kitten at a shelter, breeder, rescue organization or local newspaper.

Picking a breed

Selecting the breed of kitten that will best suit your family and lifestyle is the first step in finding the perfect new addition to your home.

Pick of the litter

If you are choosing your kitten from a litter, a few simple tips can help you pick well. Take your time and ask lots of questions.

Handling kittens

Some cats don't like being picked up, and the earlier you get your kitten used to it, the better.

Collar and identification

A safety collar and identification tags, or even a microchip, is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your kitten should she become lost.

Safe toys and games

Just like any child in the family, a kitten needs safe toys of her own to play with. Learn what toys are appropriate for her.

The right food for your kitten

Your kitten needs precise levels of essential nutrients to stay her healthiest throughout life.

Getting started with training

You can turn your cute, rambunctious kitten into super kitty by taking a little extra time to shape the behaviors and personality you want her to have as an adult.

Food for thought before feeding your new cat

Choosing the right cat food for your special pet's specific needs is one of the most important choices you'll ever make.