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Everything You Need to Know About UTIs in Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About UTIs in Dogs

Many people have heard about the dangers of urinary tract disease in cats, but did you know it can be just as life threatening for dogs?

What is Urinary Tract Disease?

Urinary tract disease is actually just a general term used to describe several afflictions that can affect the urinary tract, the body's drainage system for removing wastes and extra water. The urinary tract includes two kidneys, two ureters (the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder), a bladder and a urethra. Here are just a few urinary tract conditions that can affect your dog:

Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

This occurs when bacteria invades and colonizes in the urinary bladder, urethra, and sometimes even the kidneys. Dogs of all ages can be affected by urinary tract infections, but vulnerability generally increases with advancing age. Additionally, female dogs are more susceptible to bacterial infections of the lower urinary tract than males. Urinary tract infections can lead to bladder stones called struvites.

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