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Five ways to pamper the small or toy dog you love

You love your little dog so much and you insist on nothing but the best care. There are many options for giving your pet extra special treatment. Get started with these five perfect ways to pamper:

  1. Nothing beats the love you share. Dogs are pack animals and connecting with their pack leader (you) is an important source of satisfaction and reinforcement. Not even a tasty treat or favorite toy can rival your hugs and the loving care you provide.
  2. Not just any food - the right food. Take time to do your homework, talk to your vet and shop wisely to discover the right nutrition for your particular dog's needs. A happy, healthy life begins on a solid foundation of precisely balanced nutrition. Next to your love, there's nothing better you can give your pet.
  3. Fun and games. Your little dog probably wants nothing more than to spend time with you. Simple eye contact and a long hug at the end of the day means the world to your pet. Find out what your little one loves to do with you and make it part of your routine. Fetching a ball indoors? A walk in the park? A car ride? Time together is time well spent.
  4. Look good. Feel great. Thorough, routine grooming is a great way to pamper your small or toy breed dog. Ask your vet and work with a qualified groomer to determine your particular dog's needs. A well-groomed coat and trimmed nails can make a good dog feel great.
  5. Accessorize that adorable small size. Shop around for the perfect accessories to complement your little dog's size and way of life. Essentials include a quality pet bed, leash and collar. Your vet can help you determine which leashes and collars are a good fit for your pet. When it comes to clothing, be careful not to force anything on your dog that he or she doesn't seem to like. And never allow clothing to cover your pet's face or otherwise restrict breathing.

The sky's the limit when it comes to pampering. Everything from massages to yoga classes await the enthusiastic small or toy breed dog owner. Just remember to always exercise a little caution when making choices for your pet.

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