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A collection of articles, insights and links to help you give your German Shepherd, Great Dane or other large breed dog the care and love he deserves.

How much to feed your small dog
What makes a dog a “large breed?”

Dogs like Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Greyhounds and others that are 55 lbs. or more when they are full grown are considered a large breed. Learn more about specific breed sizes and their personalities by browsing our Dog Breed Catalog.
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The right nutrition for your small dog
Five ways to shower your gentle giant
with love.

There’s no shortage of ways to show your big dog that you care about him, but these five are essential for any large breed pet parent.
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Giving your small breed puppy the best start in life
Large and Giant puppies need
special care.

Large and giant-breed puppies grow at a rapid rate making proper nutrition vital to healthy bone and joint development. Learn about two key nutrients you should decrease during this early lifestage. Continue reading
Spring allergies and other pesky problems of the season
Is your dog having mobility
or flexibility issues?

If you’ve noticed your big guy slowing down, we can help. Continue reading
Taking your little dog along on a car ride
Is your big dog getting the exercise
he needs?

Large breeds, like Golden Retrievers or Rottweilers, may need more than 40 min. each day as an adult. Here are some exercise tips to help you out. Continue reading
Four steps to a healthier little dog
How much and how often to feed your
large or giant breed

One size does not fit all. We can help you find a healthy approach that is just right for your pet. Continue reading
Making the most of your small or toy breed dog's vet visit
How old is your dog in human years?

Knowing that your dog becomes an adult at 1 year and a mature adult at 5 years is important. Learn how their needs change as they age.
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Food for Large Breeds

The best dog foods for the special needs of Labs, Boxers and every large breed in-between.

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