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Adult Dogs 1-6 years

Mind and Body

How Your Dog's Food Affects His Mood

Discover how your dog's food and nutrition can have a direct impact on his/her personality.

How Gene Research Can Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Discover how the science of nutrigenomics, the study of nutrients can affect gene expression, can help dogs lose weight.

5 Common Dog Skin Problems

Learn about some of the most common skin problems dogs encounter and how you can help keep your dog's skin healthy.

4 Facts About Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney disease can be fatal in dogs and often goes undiagnosed. Know what symptoms to look for and when to involve your veterinarian.

Tips for Buying a Food-Dispensing Dog Toys

Choosing the right dog toy could mean the difference between a happily entertained dog and a chewed couch. Here's what to look for in a food-dispensing dog toy purchase.

Debunking Animal Shelter Myths

Animal shelters are an incredible community resource, but they are often misunderstood. How much do you know about your local shelters?

Tips for Exercising with Your Dog

Just like humans, it's important for dogs to expend their energy. Check out these tips for staying active with your furry friend!

How old is your dog in human years?

Knowing that your dog becomes an adult at 1 year and a mature adult at 5 years is important. Learn how their needs change as they age.

Five ways to pamper the small or toy dog you love

Only the best for your best friend? There's no shortage of pet pampering opportunities, but these five options are essential for every devoted small or toy breed owner.

Taking your little dog along on a car ride

Only the best for your best friend? There's no shortage of pet pampering opportunities, but these five options are essential for every devoted small or toy breed owner.

Enjoy Summer With Your Dog

In the dog days of summer, your dog just wants to play outside!

Digestive Issues in Dogs: Causes, Signs and Treatments

Many dog breeds are prone to digestive disorders. Find out whether your dog is exhibiting the common signs.

Healthy Ways Veterinarians Take Care of Their Dogs

You love the way that your veterinarian interacts with your dog. Check out these tips on how veterinarians keep their own dogs happy and healthy.

Addressing the Epidemic: Overweight Dogs

Obesity in dogs can cause a variety of health-related problems and may even shorten the lifespan of your beloved dog. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to become informed on the issue and find a healthy way to get your dog’s weight back on track.

Three Steps to Help Your Overweight Dog

An overweight dog is no laughing matter. Fortunately, making a few simple changes to your dog's food and lifestyle can allow him to shed some pounds.

Signs it's Time to Change Your Dog's Food

It's a long-held myth that dogs should be on the same dog food their entire lives. Check out our top six signs you may want to get a brand new bag of dog food.

Problems Associated with Overweight Dogs

Ernie Ward, DVM and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, breaks down why having an obese dog is a serious problem.

Proper Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Dental disease is a common problem for dogs. Learn how proper oral healthcare can significantly reduce or even eliminate dental disease.

What Extra Pounds Mean for Your Dog

Learn how just a few pounds can affect your dog's health, and use this pet weight calculator to compare your dog's weight gain to a human's weight gain.

Choosing dog toys

Dogs love to play with their pet parents and by themselves. Playtime is an important opportunity for your dog to get exercise, mental stimulation and bonding time with you.

Positive Reinforcement for Your Dog

Even after your dog is no longer a puppy, never forget the very important rule to "never take good behaviors for granted."