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Mature Adult Dogs 7+ (5 for large breeds)

Mind and Body

Senior Dog Diseases You Need to Know

As dogs get older, there is a greater risk of developing age-related health issues. Learn what to look for in your senior dog.

Positive Reinforcement for Your Dog

Even after your dog is no longer a puppy, never forget the very important rule to "never take good behaviors for granted."

Signs of Aging in Dogs

As your dog gets older, his needs and capabilities change. Here's more about what to expect from your senior dog.

Recognizing the Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

Is your dog moving slower or taking longer to recover from a play session than he used to? Learn to recognize the signs of arthritis in your dog.

Eight Ways to Care for a Senior Dog

Great news for dog parents: Our dogs are living longer than ever before. Just like people, dogs have changing needs as they age. Here are some simple things you can do to help your senior dog stay healthy, happy, and vital.

Enjoy Summer With Your Dog

In the dog days of summer, your dog just wants to play outside!

Your Overweight Dog: When Bigger Isn't Better

Did you know being just 20% overweight puts a dog at risk for developing many serious health issues?