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Puppy - up to 1

Mind and Body

6 Health Issues to Watch for in Puppies

As a pet parent, your first priority is protecting your new puppy. Make sure you're informed about these potentially dangerous health issues.

Choosing the right toys for your little dog

Not just any toy will do for your small or toy breed dog. While entertainment value is important, the best toys are also healthy and low-risk. Here's a quick guide.

Enjoy Summer With Your Dog

In the dog days of summer, your dog just wants to play outside!

New Puppy? 3 Required Puppy Supplies

Welcome to adventures in puppyhood! Ensure that you're checking off this list of necessities as you bring your puppy into the family.

Becoming an adult

By one year old, you puppy will be an adult dog – some behaviors may not change any time soon but his needs in many areas have changed.

Exercise For Your New Puppy

Making sure your new puppy gets not only enough exercise, but the right exercise is an important start toward a long, healthy life.