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Puppy - up to 1

Nutrition and Feeding

Large and Giant puppies need special care

Large and giant-breed puppies grow at a rapid rate making proper nutrition vital to healthy bone and joint development. Learn about two key nutrients you should decrease during this early lifestage.

How to Make Healthy Treats At Home

Homemade Treat Recipe

Why is My Dog Throwing Up Food After Eating?

Dog parents sometimes blame a new dog food when their dog immediately throws it back up after eating. The connection seems logical, but other factors could point to a different cause rooted in behavior.

Precise Nutrition for Every Lifestage: Your Adult Dog

Whether you have a new puppy or the dog you've loved for years, caring for your dog properly ensures many happy years together.

Do I Need Breed Specific Food for my Puppy?

Some brands have developed breed-specific dog foods. Learn whether this is the right choice for your puppy's best health.

The Right Food for your Puppy

Congratulations on being a puppy owner!

Feeding your puppy

How, when and what to feed your new puppy is an important decision, learn more about the things to consider for feeding your puppy.

Our puppy foods

Selecting the right food for your puppy is a key to quality nutrition and a long, healthy life. Learn more about how to select the right puppy food.

One size does not fit all

No single food is appropriate for all lifestages of your pet. This article teaches owners about the changing nutritional needs of their pets from puppy and kitten to adult and mature adult.

Harmful foods

Learn more about foods that can be harmful to your dog or puppy's health. For the safety of your puppy, avoiding these foods is important.

How Much and How Often to Feed Your Puppy/Dog

Once you've found the best dog food for your dog, you're on the right track to providing the healthiest life possible.

Making sense of a pet food label

Interpreting pet food labels doesn't have to be confusing. This article is designed to help you understand pet food labels and provides information on ingredients, nutritional standards, and more.

Pet food labels only tell part of the nutritional story

Pet food labels provide basic and limited information on ingredients and nutrient levels. We believe other considerations must be recognized when deciding on which food to feed your dog.

DHA and Why It's Important for Your Puppy

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is natural Omega-3 fatty acid essential in the development of the brain and nervous system in young mammals.