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Parasites and prevention

Internal parasites, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are among the most common parasites that affect pets. Since some of these parasites carry serious diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, especially puppies, it's important to take the necessary precautions to actively protect your puppy.

Internal parasites

Many puppies are born with internal parasites or become infected soon after birth, so they can pose an immediate risk to the health of your puppy. Tapeworms are also common in puppies if the mother has fleas. Check with your vet to arrange for a regular de-worming schedule to rid your puppy of these parasites.


Fleas bite and feed on a puppy's blood, causing itching and irritation. This can lead to medical problems, such as flea allergy dermatitis, skin infection, tapeworms, anemia or even death in severe infestations.

Your vet can help you decide on the best preventative measures to protect your puppy from fleas.


These carriers of dangerous diseases affect both pets and humans by transmitting organisms that cause illness when they attach to their host to feed.

If you suspect that your puppy has come in contact with ticks, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss treatment options.


More than just a nuisance, mosquitoes have been known to transmit heartworm disease and cause other medical problems.

If you think your puppy may come in contact with mosquitoes, ask your veterinarian to recommend products for the prevention of heartworm and other parasites.

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