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3 Puppy Teething Tips that will Save Your Stuff

3 Puppy Teething Tips that will Save Your Stuff

Puppy teething can be a difficult time for both you and your puppy; however, there are certain things you can do to alleviate the issue and protect your household from puppy teething accidents.

What is Puppy Teething?
Contrary to what many may believe, puppies don't teethe like human babies. Yes, puppies do lose their baby, or deciduous, teeth at an early age (usually around 3-9 months old), but the act of destructive chewing (sometimes referred to as puppy teething) is often due to behavioral issues which need to be addressed early.

1. Designate Teethe-Free Zones

Don't tempt your puppy with scrumptious shoes and flavorful furniture. Block your puppy's access to areas that have been especially troublesome. Afterward, work with a dog trainer on resolving the puppy teething issue at hand.

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