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Senior 11+ Small and Toy Breed age defying dog food

Adult dog on raft Age Defying Dog Food for Small and Toy Breeds over 11 years old

Did you know that small and toy breed dogs are 30% of the total dog population? And 15% are over 10 years old.*

Your small and toy breed dog is living longer and that’s why the veterinarians and pet nutritionists on staff at Hill’s Pet Nutrition has developed a dog food that is precisely balanced to meet the needs of these older smaller dogs.

Science Diet® Senior 11+ Small & Toy Breed Age Defying dog food is for dogs 11 years and over. This special dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition that is tailored to the needs of older small & toy breed dogs and is 100% guaranteed.

  • At what age is my dog considered ‘senior’?
  • Do older dogs have special nutritional needs?
  • What kind of health risks do aging pets have?
  • Does my senior dog need to visit the vet more often?
  • How is a senior dog health exam different from a standard adult dog health exam?
  • Are there any laboratory tests that should be performed on my senior dog in order to detect early onset of potential health issues?
  • Isn’t slowing down considered normal for an aging pet?

Are you looking for a complete meal for your older little pooch? We also make a variety of canned dog food and dog treats for your small & toy breed dog’s unique needs.

Learn more about the distinct qualities of your little dog so that you can provide the best care for the dog that you love so much.

*Euromonitor, US A&U 2008

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