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What Extra Pounds Mean for Your Dog

what pounds mean to your dogSadly, like us, our dogs are expanding their waistlines year after year. Why? One reason is we don't always grasp how much smaller our dogs are when compared to us. Fortunately has developed a pet weight calculator to stack up your dog weight gain to that of a woman. Simply select your dog's breed and the number of pounds he's gained and it will give you the human equivalent based on a 125-lb. woman.

“Humans almost always anthropomorphize their dog,” says Dr. Jim Dobies, a veterinarian with South Point Pet Hospital in Charlotte, N.C., and a member of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. “If you can compare them in a real world way and how it compares to us, that will go a long way towards helping an owner see the reality of what’s going on.”

Visit petMD for 10 real world examples of how just a few extra pounds can be disastrous to your dog.

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