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What to Know About a Puppy's Dry Nose

My Puppy's Nose is Dry. Should I Be Concerned?

Young dogPuppy owners frequently ask if a dry, warm nose means their puppy is sick. The short answer is no. A healthy puppy's nose can vary between wet and dry several times over the course of a day. And there are many reasons your puppy can have a dry, warm nose that have nothing to do with health. Here are a few:

  • Lying in the sun
  • Spending time near a source of heat
  • Dwelling in a room with poor air circulation

Looking at a puppy's nose is a good way to check for some other problems. Puppies with pale or pink noses are susceptible to sunburn. If your puppy has a dry, red nose or the nasal skin is flaking, sunburn may be to blame. Talk to your vet about correct lotion for protecting your puppy from the sun. Protecting puppies that are susceptible to sunburn is important because repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer.

If your puppy's nose is cracked and you see scabs or sores, your puppy may have a skin disorder. Ask your veterinarian to check it out.

When examining your puppy's nose, another thing to look for is nasal discharge. If your puppy's nose runs, the mucus should be clear. If your puppy is producing bubbly, thick, yellow, green or even black mucus, see your veterinarian.

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