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Health Conditions - Find out what you need to know about common pet health issues.

Ask your vet these questions to see how nutrition can keep your pet healthy.



Detailed Health Questions

General Health

What can I do now to help my pet stay healthy?
Download Thyroid Health Question to Ask Your Vet
  • Do you have a specific food recommendation for my pet based on his age, lifestyle or future health risks?
  • Do you see any indication for a change in diet based on my pet's exam or lab findings?
  • Is my pet overweight or underweight?

Aging Health

How can I ensure my pet lives a long, healthy life?
  • At what age is my pet considered "senior"?
  • Do older pets have special nutritional needs?
  • What kind of health risks do aging pets have?

Weight Management

How can I keep my pet's weight within a healthy range?
  • What is the target weight for my pet?
  • What are the health risks if my pet is overweight?
  • Can you provide written instructions or a booklet for weight management?

Cat Urinary Tract Health

Why does my cat keep having accidents outside the litter box?
  • Are my cat's accidents behavioral, environmental, or medical?
  • Should nutrition be a part of my cat's treatment regimen?
  • How long will I need to feed the recommended food to my cat?

Digestive Health

What can I do to keep my pet from having frequent accidents?
  • Are there any foods I should avoid giving my pet to ensure a healthy digestive system?
  • Is there a food you can recommend to help maintain my pet's digestive health?
  • How quickly should I expect to see signs of improvement in my pet's condition?

Skin and Coat Health

How can I keep my pet from excessively scratching and licking his coat?
  • What are the different food options available for pets with allergies and skin issues?
  • What is a novel protein food?
  • Is it okay to supplement my pet's novel protein dry food with canned food and treats?

Joint Health

Why isn't my pet as playful and energetic as he used to be?
  • What are the treatment options for my pet's joint health?
  • How can nutrition be part of the treatment regimen?
  • How does nutrition work with other available options?

Oral Health

What can I do to freshen my pet's breath?
  • What is causing the bad breath in my pet?
  • Is there a food that you can recommend to help keep my pet's mouth healthy?
  • How does my pet's dental health affect his overall well being?


Cat Thyroid Health

What should I know about my cat's thyroid health?
  • What are the different therapy options if my cat has thyroid health problems?
  • Can nutrition be used to manage thyroid health problems?
  • How often will I need to bring my cat back to the clinic for check-ups?