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Together we can make dogs happier.

Meal Time

The best thing you can do for your dog's health is feed proper nutrition every day.

Find his new favorite food What’s more important – ingredients or nutrients? How do I transition dog foods? What to do with a finicky eater.

Little Extras

Extra attention and special moments with your dog bring joy to their life, and yours.

Ways to connect with your dog Keeping your dog’s coat healthy Choosing dog toys Treat your dog in a healthy way

Finally, weight
loss success
in 10 weeks.

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Polonius found weight loss
success in just 10 weeks.


“Po acts like a younger puppy. He barks and dances when I am getting his food ready. He lost over 9% of his body weight and seems much happier and healthier.”

- Deirdre E., IL

Suitable for pets with
grain sensitivities.

Details & Reviews

Great for my dog’s skin and coat

“I was looking for a dog food that would help with my dog’s skin and coat as well as shedding and better digestive health. I have found it! Science Diet has always been a brand I trust and this new formula is just what my dog needed.”

- ansleyatc, GA

Find his new
favorite food.

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