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Crafted kindled some of the most creative
folks on the web — what will it do for you?

Inspiration worth framing.

DoggieDogMadness: She absolutely puppy loves her crochet blanket I crafted for her (at least that’s what I hope and believe). Alle often carries it around with her as she explores the wonders of outside and she can be found sleeping and drooling on her blanket every night. #InspiredByCrafted

GreenandGlassie: Making glass art is who I am - Making quality pet products is who Hill’s is! We are both artists! #InspiredByCrafted

MyPawsitivelyPets: I finally decided to try quinoa for the first time after I saw that it was an ingredient in some of the new Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted cat and dog foods. This was my inspiration to try something new. If my cat is eating quinoa before me, I think it's time to give it a taste #InspiredByCrafted

LapdogCreations: #InspiredByCrafted - Small Batches, Big Flavor

cindyloughridge This is our daily ritual, it’s not just about the actual drinking of the coffee, but the whole process. Boiling the water, grinding the beans and enjoying the amazing aroma, the first pour to watch the coffee bloom. From start to finish, our morning ritual connects us. #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills

cindyloughridge I practice my photography daily, for clients and myself. I follow the light, and pause wherever I find the right conditions – great southwestern light through a window, unnoticed moments, someone reading a book, a kiss between a pet and child. Always honing my skills by documenting the ordinary moments that one day will hopefully seem extraordinary. #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills

Dschwen This is another piece that shows how we work in a lot of different mediums. We crafted this sunset digitally and then expanded the image outside of the boundaries with cut-paper and paint. Like Crafted, we put a lot of care and thought into each individual piece of art that we create. #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills

HillsPet We're thrilled to introduce Ideal Balance Crafted. Doesn't it look delicious? To celebrate, we're asking artisans to share their very own creations. Follow #InspiredByCrafted for their stories and a chance to win some great Crafted prizes!

My Pitbull Friend Ancient grains for your dog and you #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills

Coonhound Tales So here's what was in the box: Something new from Hills #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills

1924US You don't need much to thrive! You usually only need whatchya got in your backpack (unless your backpack is like 9000 times the average backpack size...), good things can come in small doses. @HillsPet's tailored and caring process ensures that each small morsel of Crafted kibble is packed with just the right amount of natural ingredients and nutrients for your pet. For us, that's important too. Take what's on your plate, and it'll do the job! When you travel, you don't need 90 shirts, 40 pants and 1,000 pairs of underwear (well... ok maybe some of you would argue the last one). Do more with whatchya got, more often than not, it's all you need. #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills #products #go #branding #marketing #1924us #illustration #matches #work #you #hillspet #twitter #pencils #layout #studio #talkingwithellemay

1924US #1924EU - 07/08 Branding abroad! Work never stops no matter where you go! @HillsPet recently asked us to talk about why crafting with excellence is important to us. So we thought bashfully might we add like Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted, we always strive to do it better! We work hard, and we've found that hard work truly pays off when we give our best shot at doing it better. It's not to show off or to say "WE'RE THE BEST AROUND" (queue Karate Kid song) but rather to provide the public with a dang good product that we stand behind. #InspiredByCrafted #SponsoredByHills #yes #tattoos #doit #better #work #hard #live #explore #typography #layout #simple #clean #1924us #branding #illustration #go #places #lessismore #type #design #handwork #handlettered

Brown Bag of Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted Grain Free Chicken Dog Food

Hills® Ideal Balance® Crafted

Made the way you would —
one batch at a time.

Blue Bag of Tuna Cat Food from Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted