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Archived News Release

Hill's sponsored Animal Attractions Television is back!

New season on PBS fetches inspiring stories about people and their pets.

Animal Attractions TelevisionAnimal Attractions Television is back on PBS this fall with pet health care, lifestyle, and even some of their quirky behavior. Animal Attractions Television is a testimony to the deep affection people have for their pets and is returning for its second season beginning September 1st, 2007 with 19 new episodes and Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. as the sponsor again this year.

Animal Attractions Television shares inspirational true stories of people and their pets from across the nation that animal lovers of all ages will enjoy. Get a sneak peek at some of the segments below.

Top Dogs/Top Cat
Find out more about favorite pet breed features. One size does not fit all. From puppies and kittens, to adults; these breed facts and health tips will help you make the right choice for you and your family.
Go to Top Dogs/Top Cats

Pet Trainer 911
Unruly pets, furniture in shambles and general destruction. Tune in and watch uncontrollable pets learn to behave under the expert training of "Coach" Ronald White and learn a few training tips that you can use at home.
Go to Pet Trainer 911

Pet Tales
Cat Saves Family, Abandon Dog Becomes a Champion, Disabled Dog Brings Hope. Check out these amazing stories of tragedy to triumph every week on Animal Attractions Television.
Pet Tales Unleashed

Pet Vet
A wagging tail is not always a sign of a happy and healthy pet. Dr. Jenna highlights a different part of your pet's well being, and provides the latest tips care for a pet.
Go to Pet Vet