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Hill's® Science Diet® New & Improved

Hill's® Science Diet® New Recipe for a Better Life™ Formulas

Hill's will reformulate Science Diet® dog and cat foods to add more natural ingredients. The new Science Diet® dog food formulas will be available in December 2012, followed soon after by the reformulated cat food line.

Hill's® Science Diet® New Recipe for a Better Life™ Formulas

Hill's promises that every bag of reformulated Science Diet® pet food will help provide a better life for pets everywhere by offering:

Better Ingredients:

  • Quality protein first ingredient
  • Natural ingredients
  • No chicken by-product
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Great taste, guaranteed


Better Nutrition: Hill's has continuously innovated for over 70 years to provide precisely balanced nutrition to meet the specific needs of pets. Product development continues to focus on delivering nutrition that is clinically proven, precisely balanced to deliver the optimal level of nutrients, and customized for the pet's age, size and lifestyle.

Better Quality: Rigorous procedures are the foundation of safety for your pet's well-being.

  • Over 150 veterinarians & pet nutrition scientists analyze over 50 nutrients
  • Careful Sourcing - Meat & poultry is from USDA inspected facilities
  • All dry foods are made in Hill's own manufacturing facilities
  • Zero tolerance for Salmonella, over 1,000 tests are performed each month


Life style, life stage, life care

Better Shopping Experience: Pet parents aren't just looking for food, they're looking for solutions. The new shopping categories reduce shelf clutter by 50% which makes finding the right Science Diet® food easier. The three unique shopping categories are:

  • Life Style
  • Life Stage
  • Life Care


These shopping categories are highlighted in the graphic on the right.

Better Packaging: It is important for pet parents to find the right food quickly, so Science Diet bags will be improved with a new packaging design that reduces the time it takes to find the right food by 30%*. The new design features include:

Better packaging

Top Color Navigation: Easy-to-find within shelf segments

  • Silver for Life Style foods
  • White for Life Stage foods
  • Gold for Life Care foods


Strong Product Benefits: Easier to understand with improved icons and descriptions

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™: Science Diet® is the first pet food brand to use this innovative new proven technology to ensure that pet food stays fresh and sealed between uses. Available on select bags.

Availability: Science Diet® pet foods are available at Pet Specialty stores, Farm and Feed stores and Veterinary Clinics.


* Source: Hill's Virtual Shelf Test, 2012. Study from select food only