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Archived News Release

The Power of Precise Nutrition

Providing the right nutrition is the single most important thing an owner can do for their pet's health on a daily basis. Proper nutrition can help manage a pet's development and specific needs including common conditions such as a sensitive stomach, skin and coat issues or even more serious topics like joint, kidney and heart health. The right nutrition can promote healthy living and put your pet in the best possible health.

Life Stage Nutrition
Pets require specific nutrients throughout the various life stages for proper development and good health.

Puppy / Kitten (Less than 1-year-old)

  • Higher fat and calorie content helps to support high energy needs
  • Higher calcium and phosphorus helps assist growing muscles and bones

Adult (1-6-years-old)

  • Controlled fat and calories helps maintain an optimal body weight
  • Controlled calcium and phosphorus aids in long-term organ health
  • Appropriate low magnesium levels for cats help avoid urinary tract problems
  • High-quality protein assists in muscle maintenance for dogs

Mature (More than 7-years-old)

  • Reduced fat and calories helps to maintain an optimal body weight
  • Reduced calcium and phosphorus provide long-term organ health
  • Highly digestible protein helps to reduce litter box odor for cats and provide more energy for dogs

Special Needs Nutrition
Various nutrients, such as high quality proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, can have a huge impact on managing the special needs and health of cats and dogs.

Sensitive Stomach

  • Appropriate levels of fiber to help aid in overall digestive health

Joint Issues

  • Nutrients such as glucosamine and chondoroitin help to maintain joint and cartilage health

Skin/Hair Issues

  • Essential fats help to nourish skin and replenish natural oils essential for a healthy skin and coat


  • Natural vegetable fibers help to move hair through the digestive system and reduce hairballs.

Urinary Tract Issues

  • Low levels of magnesium and normal acid urine pH target to help support overall urinary tract health.

Kidney or Heart Issues

  • Controlled levels of proteins and phosphorus to promote overall health in both organs